Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transferring My Flag

I am now officially transferring my flag over to .
WordPress simply is a bolder platform to work from. What does this mean for The Falcon's Crag? This blog will still exist, though I shall do my main posting over at The Raptor's Claw. I'll keep this site around, as I do have many Blogger blogs which I read, plus I've spent a lot of time building this site, though you may find some of what's here duplicated over at TRC.

My next move is to begin re-branding my work with the new URL...

If you want to follow me, go to this link: 

Rodney C. Johnson


Donna Yates said...

Looks like a great site, Rodney.

Rodney C. Johnson said...

Thanks Donna!

Roger Lawrence said...

I'll be over in a jiffy.

MSBjaneB said...

I am curious to fins out more about your move. I work on my blog on blogger and my team's blog on wordpress.

Rodney C. Johnson said...

Welcome all.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it can act both as a blog, and a static website. And WordPress has a built in community that you can reach via "tags".

Its already getting hits by "searches" according to my stats over there.

Anonymous said...

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